Transalation / Verification / Education
About Us
TRANSCRIBA started out as a startup company founded in 2016 by Monika Wojtkiewicz, and was fully established in 2018. Since then we are committed to constantly providing clients with linguistically flawless translations. We offer a comprehensive range of services in language translation industry which are:
• accurate and precise,
• cost-effective,
• tailored to specific needs and sectors,
• secure and confidential.
How We Work
We use specialist software to ensure that your translations are not just 100% accurate, they’re also cost-effective. After an initial consultation to discuss your needs and aims, you’ll send us the documents that need translating. Then, we’ll feed your documents into our software to analyse any repetitions. Once these repetitions are taken out, there’s less to translate, so the cost is lower and the job can be completed by
a professional translator much faster.
Our Offer
Whether you need translating a document or your document requires verification, accuracy, precision, speed and cost-effectiveness are of the utmost importance. At TRANSCRIBA you get all this.
Why Choose Us
• Free price estimation
• High quality translation
• Translation in a timely manner
• Confidentiality
• Cheaper standard page (1,800 characters with spaces)
Monika Wojtkiewicz
Translator - ESL Teacher
We have extensive experience in the following services:
✔ STANDARD Written Translations
That is documents not requiring the services of a certified sworn translator, such as business, legal and technical documents, manuals, websites, advertising and marketing texts as well as texts on accounting, reports, tenders, scientific publications, etc.
✔ SPECIALISED Written Translations
Our company has a substantial amount of experience working across many sectors. We specialise in delivering a range of translation services to enable you to go global with your brand, reach overseas markets and help you to understand your business partners better.
Our fields of expertise include the following industries:
• Environmental protection
• Geology
• Mining
• Law (Contracts and agreements)
• Technology
Written translations are settled on the basis of a standard page which is 1,800 characters with spaces.
✔ VERIFICATION or checking the already translated text in terms of consistency with the source text, the terminology used, style and spelling. Settled as an ordinary translation but based on a 20% rate of translation rate.
✔ LANGUAGE TRAINING English as a Second Language Whether you want to get a job, get a promotion, study or work overseas, prepare for a job interview, or just communicate better with your neighbors and friends, improving your English skills is an important way to achieve your goals. We have English classes in the afternoon and evening, for all levels from beginning to advanced. Enrollment is open all year round, but space is limited.
Our offer include courses in
• General English
• Business English
• English for Special Purposes
• English for Exams and Certificates
Our courses can be carried out online or directly at the office
References and Certificates
We are proud to know that many of our customers consider us long-term partners.
Of course we would be happy to see your name on the list soon!